Macroinnovation Associates is primarily in the business of providing knowledge and innovation managers with the tools required to enhance organizational learning, knowledge processing, and innovation. We deliver our services in two ways: 1) through workshops designed to teach second-generation KM concepts and methods to practitioners, and 2) by providing related consulting services.

Most of our work is therefore aimed at the conceptual or strategic end of the project life cycle. We concentrate on such basic issues as what is KM; what role can/should it play in organizational strategy and performance; how can KM opportunities be identified; and how can KM implementations be justified and assessed in terms of metrics and impact analysis?

Too much of what passes for KM in mainstream practice is arguably not KM at all. Because of that, we adhere to a very strict definition of the field, according to which KM is a management discipline that seeks to enhance the quality of knowledge processing (i.e., learning and innovation) and its outcomes. If a proposed KM system cannot be shown to enhance knowledge processing while meeting certain standards of performance, our advice is to avoid it. This kind of skepticism underlies our services in all respects.

For more information about any of our services contact Mark W. McElroy at (802) 785-2293, or by e-mail at

For more information about any of our services contact Mark W. McElroy at 802.785.2293, or by e-mail at

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